About Us

The Jory Brand

With a traditional gift card program consumers are limited to where they can purchase and redeem gift cards. We asked ourselves, and our clients – Why limit consumers to one location, in one city? By utilizing the Jory Card platform we have created a national marketplace of businesses, comprised of a wide variety of industries. Jory can drive more sales to your business.

Finally! Consumers are no longer limited to a single choice.

We’re a technology company built on a simple concept. Better Living Through Software.

Over the years, our product and service offerings have expanded to now include a robust and feature rich e-gift card platform and marketplace for all merchants. This national footprint of clients allows for a diverse and unlimited shopping experience for their customers to buy and redeem gift cards.

Jory is here to help make your business life better and is built on three key tenants: Personalized Service, Industry Education and Fair & Honest Pricing.

E-gift cards are working great, but clients have asked us to add a few traditional features to our product stack. Branded cards that can be handed to clients along with a loyalty program. We love client feedback and input as it drives us to do better for all!

Imagine that… a software company that develops features its clients ask for! Yup, that us!